Best Caribbean Drinks You Must Try

The Caribbean is a region that has long been associated with passion, entertainment and good life. It is a place of beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and lush greenery. It’s also a place where people know how to party, and nothing says “Cribbean party” like a good bar. Sampling local food and drink is a great way to immerse yourself in the incredible Caribbean culture. The Caribbean legal drinking age is 18 but it is important to check the specific regulations of the country you are interested in, as there may be differences.

Most Popular Caribbean Drinks:

Caribbean cocktails give a taste of paradise island in one glass. From the tropical regions of the Caribbean, these drinks are known for their fresh, warm flavors and their ability to transport you straight to summer. Caribbean drinks use ingredients like rum, coconut, citrus and tropical fruits to dominate the recipe, they offer a delicious escape no matter where you are. Whether you want something light and refreshing or prefer an alcoholic cocktail, the Caribbean has a recipe for everyone. It is the essence of the Caribbean in glass, a celebration of life and all its pleasures. Here we will discuss the most popular Caribbean drinks that you must try.

Pina Colada:

It has the vibe of a 1990s chain restaurant and it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t have fun on the menu. And it’s a classic drink in the 1950s. Pina colada is a popular drink created in Puerto Rico made with pineapple juice, rum and coconut, mixed or crushed ice. The name means “spread pineapple” in Spanish. The first drink was created in San Juan in 1954 by a bartender named Ramon “Monchito” Marrero. It became an instant favorite and was declared the drink of Puerto Rico in 1978. It is one of the best Caribbean drinks you must try.


Caribbean drinks often contain rum, but if you are not a fan of its taste, go to the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico to try tequila, the star of the margarita cocktail. It was created in Acapulco in the 1940’s when an American vacationer combined two of his favorite drinks, Cointreau and tequila, with lime juice. Made with Blanco tequila, Cointreau orange liqueur and fresh lime juice, the mixture is first shaken over ice before being poured into a salted cocktail glass. The result is a perfect tart and lemony drink. It is among the must-try Caribbean drinks.

Cuba Libre:

First invented in Cuba following the Spanish-American War in the early 20th century, Cuba Libre is one of the best drinks in the Caribbean. It is made with Coca-Cola, rum, ice and a roll of lime. It is made originally from white rum, such as Bacardi, but you can choose any type of rum that tastes good in this simple drink, as long as it is served in a large Collins glass.


Since its inception, believed to have started in the late 1800s, this Cuban wine swept the Caribbean and spread around the world. The Daiquiri has its roots in more than a hundred years of history. Many believe that the modern Daiquiri was created around 1898 in a mining town near the river of the same name in southeastern Cuba. The vacation cocktails don’t come any prettier than the daiquiri, a delicious mix of white rum, sugar and lime. It is served in a cocktail glass to complete its elegant presentation. You will find many variations of the daiquiri, including the blue daiquiri with blue Curacao, the coconut daiquiri with coconut milk, and the frozen daiquiri, which has a slushy twist.

Alcoholic Drinks of the Caribbean:

The Caribbean is known for its fascinating culture, beautiful beaches, and its diverse and delicious drinks. The region has a history of rum production and many of its traditional drinks involve the use of fruits, spices and special techniques passed down from generation to generation. If a question is rising in your mind what is the famous Caribbean drink? Then we will give you the answer to this question. Here we will discuss some of the famous alcoholic Caribbean drinks.


Sweet, refreshing and herbal, the Mojito is a traditional Cuban drink that uses rum as the main ingredient. The alcohol content is very low (about 10%). Although Havana is considered the birthplace, the origin of this simple drink is still debated. The original Cuban cocktail recipe includes white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and yerba buena spearmint that grows on the island, but almost any type of mint can be used in the mixture if yerba buena is not available. It is among the most popular alcoholic drinks of the Caribbean.


Coquito is a traditional Puerto Rican drink similar to eggnog. This drink is prepared especially during the Christmas holidays. It is made with a mixture of coconut milk, rum, condensed milk and vanilla, but each family has its variation. To prepare it, everything must be mixed, then chilled and put it in a small glass. The name of this drink means small coconut. In Cuba, it is served with scoops of ice cream, while the Spanish serve it with turron.

Rum Punch:

This delicious drink has been around since the 1600s – one of the first popular alcoholic beverages, as rum, sugar and lime juice were found in abundance on British soil. Rum Punch is a classic and cheap alcoholic drink of the Caribbean, made with rum, fruit juice, sugar syrup and water. A cup of fruit juice, two cups of sugar, three cups of rum and four cups of water are combined in a large glass or carafe and poured into the glass over ice. It is recommended to add a little bit of bitter or freshly mixed nutmeg to enhance the taste. Garnish with pineapple chunks for the best experience. It is one of the most popular alcoholic Caribbean drinks.

Planter’s Punch:

There are two theories about its origins: some say it was at the Planter’s Hotel in St. Louis that invented it, while others say it was invented by a Jamaican planter’s wife to refresh the workers. Despite these claims, the first written recipe for Planter’s Punch dates back to a 1908 New York Times article. It is one of the best Caribbean drinks with alcohol. Planter’s Punch is a popular cocktail of Caribbean dark rum, grenadine, sugar syrup and fresh juices from oranges, pineapples and lemons. All are shaken with ice, and then poured into a large glass. The drink is flavored with Angostura bitters and garnished with pineapple chunks and cherry liqueur.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks of the Caribbean:

One of the best things about vacationing in the tropics is drinking Caribbean drinks and feeling like the sun is all around you. But if you are trying to lose weight or trying to avoid drinking alcohol, then you must try non-alcoholic drinks. Some alcoholic versions of traditional drinks may exist but here we will focus only on non-alcoholic versions.

Caribbean Punch:

Caribbean Punch is a super hot fruit drink. A delicious non-toxic drink. It’s a non-alcoholic summer punch made with a great mix of some island favorites: refreshing coconut water, fruit juice and fresh mint. There is no big formula for this. Cut your orange into thin slices. Mix guava nectar with coconut water and add orange slices. Add mint and bitters to sit. You can put it in the refrigerator at this time to cool it down. It is among the famous Caribbean drinks without alcohol.


Mauby is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink that you will love. Mauby is a drink from the Caribbean coast which is made from the bark of the Colubrina tree. The plants of the genus Colubrina are small and native to the Caribbean islands. This drink is made from mauby root, sugar and cinnamon, which gives it a taste like beer. It is one of the most popular non-alcoholic Caribbean drinks because everyone loves its delicious taste. Mauby is a fermented drink made in small batches, but is now an unfermented soft drink that is sold commercially. Nowadays, Mauby is as simple as bottled syrup where you add water. There is even a sparkling carbonated version.


Switcha was originated in the southern United States. Although it was not called switcha at the time, the drink reached the shores of the Bahamas with loyalists in 1780. This refreshing and delicious drink is simply amazing. Switcha is a drink made from fresh limes, water and sugar. The combination of these ingredients creates a cold, sweet and smooth drink that is refreshing. It’s a simple drink that goes with Bahamian classics like duff and coconut.


Lemonade is a delicious, simple, easy, classic and refreshing Caribbean drink that can be enjoyed all year round, but especially in the summer. All you need are three things: sugar, lemon juice and water. It is a thirst quencher during the hot summer months. It’s also great for poolside bar and potluck parties. This easy lemonade recipe is an everyday drink in Jamaica. It is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks of the Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean drinks:

Royal Caribbean drinks packages are expensive. However, some good royal drinks can be worth buying. Royal Caribbean has many premium drinks, but their signature drinks – Caribbean Mule and Lavender Daiquiri, are a must-try.

Goombay Smash:

Goombay Smash Drink is the classic and royal drink of the Bahamas. It is one of the famous royal Caribbean drinks. Every island has a version of Bahamas Goombay Smash. The Goombay Smash is a must-have drink, whether we’re cruising the islands or cruising around the lagoon. It’s very easy to plant directly in the summer session, or just to relax outside on the weekend. With just the right amount of tartness, balanced with coconut flavor, the Goombay Smash Cocktail is the perfect summer drink. For making this drink, you’ll need some rum, apricot brandy, and pineapple and orange juice.

Coco Loco:

Coco Loco is served in many Caribbean countries. Coco Loco is a rich Colombian coconut drink popular in the Caribbean. It is one of the must try drinks of royal Caribbean. Coco Loco literally translates to “Crazy Coconut”. There are different variations of Coco Loco across the country and each vendor has their own recipe, whether it’s a cocktail made with rum, tequila, vodka, lime juice, coconut cream, coconut water and ice cubes. It’s refreshing for a summer party, whether it’s dinner, or just sitting by the door reading a newspaper.

Moscow Mule:

Moscow Mule is a delicious drink which is a mixture of vodka, ginger beer and lime. Known for its iconic copper mug, the popular still drink has been a bar staple since the mid-20th century. The Moscow Mule is a classic that was born in 1941 and contributed to the rise of vodka in America. Despite its name, the Moscow Mule was created in Los Angeles as part of the first marketing campaign for vodka in the United States, and the drink itself is an example of the Buck family of drinks, those with citrus and ginger beer. A shiny copper cup is always chosen for serving, it is not necessary and does not prevent you from making a Moscow Mule.

Lavender daiquiri:

The lavender daiquiri is one of Royal Caribbean’s signature drinks that deserves to be called a speciality. It is in a unique purple color. It is made with premium rum and lavender syrup with a traditional daiquiri touch. These delicious lavender daiquiri cocktails seem to strike the perfect balance between fun and relaxation, making them the perfect drink for winding down after a long day or enjoying a good night out with friends and family. At the first sip, it is sweet, but immediately it is accompanied by a bitter taste. The last notes of alcohol, leave you with a refreshing and satisfying taste.

To Conclude:

Different islands of the Caribbean contribute to many unique drinks in the region. Caribbean drinks play an important role in showcasing the region’s diverse culture and history. Whether you’re sipping a famous Mojito in Cuba, or indulging in the goodness of rum punch in Barbados, each sip tells a story about ingredients, beauty and love of Caribbean hospitality. These drinks are an expression of the Caribbean spirit, where sun, sea and tropical flavors come together to create an unforgettable experience. So the next time you find yourself in this tropical paradise, be sure to raise a glass and enjoy the unique and delicious drinks that the Caribbean has to offer.

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